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STANGCO Battery Accessories for Proper Maintenance and Safety

STANGCO offers a full line of accessories for your batteries and battery charging systems.

Battery Acid Disposal and Battery Acid Spill Clean Up Kits---Safety First Battery Accessories

STANGCO offers a full line of lead acid battery spill clean up products.  With safety first on our list, we offer ways to keep your equipment and your team safe during handling. Battery accessories with STANGCO are designed to make maintenancing your battery safe, easy and effective. As more of a convenience, we offer other battery accessories that help preserve the life of your battery without too much of the effort.

Let’s face it. With even the most caution when handling lead-acid batteries, accidents do happen. STANGCO wants to make sure you are prepared for any lead-acid spill to help protect your team and your investments. Most needed of the battery accessories, we recommend having STANGCO spill clean up kits available in case of emergency.

    Battery Acid Spill Kits Include:

  • 1 Orange nylon mini spill kit bag
  • 2 Clear 4ml poly disposable bags 26" x 40"
  • 2 Hazardous waste labels and ties
  • 10 HAZMAT yellow, bonded, heavyweight pads
  • 3 HAZMAT yellow absorbent socks, 3" x 4"
  • 1 just of Multizorb universal sorbent

Single Point Watering System Supplier

Opportunity Chargers--- Battery Accessories for Extended Shifts
Our battery accessories wouldn't be complete without opportunity or fast chargers. If you are looking for battery accessories that makes continuous or multiple shifts possible, you will love the benefits of an opportunity charger. Typically a battery will need 8 full hours of charge and time to cool down. With STANGCO, we offer well-known brands such as Ametek high frequency fast chargers. These chargers will jump your battery with higher volts, shortening charge time and giving you a fresh battery when you get back from just a lunch break!

We offer a full line of battery chargers for the following categories:

  • Multiple Shift
  • Cold Storage
  • Light Duty
  • Sealed Battery
  • High Ambient Temperatures
  • Rapid & Opportunity
  • Single Shift
  • Mining
  • Shop, Rental & Loaner
  • Vehicle-Mounted


Manufacturers Represented

We will help you find the RIGHT battery for your needs:

  • Charging Technologies
  • BBI
  • Flow-Rite
  • Philadelphia Scientific
  • eco charge
  • Triathlon Intelligent Batteries

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