Get a New Battery for High Quality Industrial Use with Expert Installation from STANGCO


STANGCO Offers New Batteries With Safe and Professional Installation

BBI Batteries have been in the business over 50 years and know exactly what you need out of your battery to run your industrial equipment. Their batteries are available for ANY equipment and STANGCO is a proud local distributor bringing BBI quality new batteries and STANGCO’s quality service and expertise right to your door!

STANGCO Inc. Is Your Local Expert for Industrial Equipment Installation

BBI Batteries are of the highest quality, but STANGCO has the professionals to help you install, service and maintain your new battery! We carry over 14 years of experience handling lead-acid batteries and are your local source, providing you with safe and effective new battery installation. Serving the entire Inland Empire, we offer immediate response and services for new battery installation, services for used or new battery, old battery recycling, and also HAZMAT training and certification.

New Batteries with STANGCO

  • 5 Year Warranty
  • High Quality, High Performance Battery
  • Professional Installation
  • Expert Advice on Caring for New Batteries

STANGCO After Installation

We are always happy to provide quality new batteries to our clients and bring their equipment back to life. The accomplishment of helping you accomplish your project is enough for us! We are always here to answer your call when you need a new battery installed but if you need help to maintain your new battery, we care about that too! Upon new battery installation, we can offer you and your employees expert training on how to properly water, charge and cool your new battery to get the full life expectancy and your full money's worth! A new battery with us always comes with a 5 year warranty! If properly cared for and maintained, you can keep your equipment powered and ready to go for the next 5 years!

You can benefit from STANGCO Services long after new battery installation. We will gladly train your staff how to care for equipment, how to handle acid spills, battery room maintenance as well as we can offer preventative maintenance contracts to help keep up with all of that for you!


Manufacturers Represented

We will help you find the RIGHT battery for your needs:

  • Charging Technologies
  • BBI
  • Flow-Rite
  • Philadelphia Scientific
  • eco charge
  • Triathlon Intelligent Batteries

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