STANGCO Battery Engineering and Consulting for Battery Room and Battery Charge Station Design


STANGCO Helps You Design a Safe and Efficient System of Deep Cycle Battery Charging Stations

When you are considering an equipment upgrade or designing your warehouse, stockroom or STANGCO Consultants to help you design an equipment room or forklift battery charging station to meet your every need!

Our battery specialist are highly qualified on the proper care, environment and safety of handling and storing lead-acid batteries and chargers! We can help you construct a forklift battery charging station that will be fully functional and easily accessible to maximize productivity based on your specific needs. We can sit down with you and discuss the line of equipment you will need to get the job done on a daily basis and help you determine crucial aspects like considering opportunity chargers.

Consider What You Need for Your Forklift Battery Charging Station

When considering the opportunities your forklift battery charging station can create for you, also consider the hazards of lead-acid batteries. We can design a battery room the contains not only supplies for optimal charging but also a safety cabinet stocked with HAZMAT spill clean up kits.

Planning the Perfect Forklift Battery Charging Station with STANGCO

When considering the design of a new warehouse or stock room, STANGCO Consultants are here to help. STANGCO will travel to you and work side by side with you to determine what you need to maximize productivity and drive sales. We will go over every aspect of your industry with you and even help strategize and plan for business growth.

We will ask many questions to personalize your forklift battery charging station or battery room. We want to know what you need and we will take care of the rest!

  • 24 hour constant equipment use?
  • Have time to fully charge batteries overnight?
  • Need training to water batteries?
  • Amount of Equipment used at once?
  • Do you plan to expand equipment?
  • Using different equipment down the road?
  • Training Team on Acid Spill Clean Up?
  • Where is the best accessible location to store equipment?

All of these questions and many more will ensure that you are set up for success and we are here to walk you through all the options step by step to meet individual needs. We will design the perfect forklift battery charging station or battery room to ensure you are always powered when you need to be!


Manufacturers Represented

We will help you find the RIGHT battery for your needs:

  • Charging Technologies
  • BBI
  • Flow-Rite
  • Philadelphia Scientific
  • eco charge
  • Triathlon Intelligent Batteries

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