Expert Training and Certification for Safe Handling of Deep Cycle Batteries


Professional Employee Training on OSHA Battery Safety and Maintenance of Deep Cycle Batteries

STANGCO Offers Training Seminars for Proper Care of Deep Cycle Batteries and Safety

STANGCO Battery Care and Safety of Deep Cycle Batteries
Deep cycle batteries are lead-acid batteries and extremely dangerous if not handled properly. Lead-acid spills can cause damage to property, melting through anything it touches, as well as they can eat the flesh of human skin. Training and certification is highly recommended to educate your staff on the importance of safety when handling deep cycle batteries.

Deep cycle batteries also contain electrolyte fluid and water and the decompose water during charging. If levels reach below plate tops, they will cause damage to the battery. Deep cycle batteries require watering to maintain them and we can offer you employee training to properly water your batteries.

Get Employee Training on Proper Use of Watering Systems and Spill Clean Up
STANGCO offers employee training on how to properly and safely clean up acid spills. STANGCO offers spill clean up kits that contain everything you would need to safely clean spills and we can conduct employee training classes on how to use it! STANGCO also offers watering systems to help avoid over watering of batteries and employee training classes can also cover how to properly water your deep cycle batteries!

STANGCO Trusts BBI Batteries!
BBI Batteries have been in business for over 50 years and we proudly offer their industrial batteries with installation. We can also offer hands-on battery safety training and certification classes for your employees on proper maintenance routines using the recommendations of BBI Batteries Maintenance 101 Guide

STANGCO Offers a Preventative Maintenance Contract for Your Deep Cycle Batteries
In addition to training and certification for your team, we also offer a preventative maintenance contract to water, clean and test your deep cycle batteries.


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  • Charging Technologies
  • BBI
  • Flow-Rite
  • Philadelphia Scientific
  • eco charge
  • Triathlon Intelligent Batteries

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